Security Guards Wanted

Location: Regina, SK

Experience required: Security training, first aid training & past security experience an asset.

Looking for a career as a security guard in Regina? Maybe you're just looking to make some extra income by doning event security on a part-time basis. You're in luck! SecureForce is hiring. 

SecureForce is a locally owned and operated Security Company based in Regina, operating throughout Saskatchewan. Our goal is to have our clients return to us for continued exceptional service. We fulfill this goal by responding to the unique and specific security challenges facing our clients and tailoring our services to their needs.

SecureForce can be one of the most rewarding careers you can have.  You will be part of a professional team and gain unique experience in security and law enforcement.  This experience is recognized and encouraged by law enforcement agencies.  Our employees respect the needs of clients, perform their duties with integrity, and create a secure and safe environment for our clients.             

It is our staff that separates SecureForce from our competitors.

We look forward to you joining our team!

How To Apply

Fill out the contact form on this page.